rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Missing In Inaction

The feral cat I last saw on Saturday (morning? afternoon? I don't remember) still hasn't turned up, so the odds that something bad happened to him have grown— especially when I recall that Saturday night was when the dogs across the alley were barking most of the night. It's possible that the mountain lion who has been spotted in a neighborhood a little over half a mile south of here has munched all the stray cats there and is moving north. That would certainly have set the dogs off, if they had seen a lion lurking, stalking a feline snack.

But then the cat might only have gotten himself trapped in someone's garage or garden shed while snooping. I'll give him another day or so before I give him up for dead, or trapped by some cat hater and transported to someplace he's unable to get back from. If he is gone forever he'll be the fourth cat from the colony— all of them from one litter— to have vanished. Their mom, though, is still hanging out in my garage. She should have passed some of her survival skills to her offspring.

The mini-heatwave is continuing, but with luck it should be over later this week. There's always a chance it will continue all week, or even into next week, but since I wouldn't like that I'm going to pretend it won't happen. Given how bad my memory is getting I'll probably soon forget the prediction so if it fails I won't be especially disappointed. I'll just live with (and complain about) whatever comes along.

Last Friday I ought to have paid my telephone bill. I pay it by phone, and while they used to take payment any day, 24 hours a day, for the last year or so they have only allowed phone payments during regular office hours. The bill was due on the second, and I've paid it one day late before when the second came on a Sunday and didn't get charged a late fee, so I thought I'd be okay this time. But I forgot today was Labor Day, and now I'll have to pay it tomorrow (if I remember) and it will be two days late. If I do get charged a late fee I doubt it will be very large, and I'm not worried about my credit rating because I never use credit. But I still wish I'd paid it Friday. One less thing to worry about.

This evening I discovered that the nephew had gotten into my refrigerator and eaten the item I'd intended to have for dinner tonight, and then discovered that he'd also taken the bread I was going to use as a backup dinner (in case he took the planned dinner) and since I don't have a backup backup dinner I've been trying to figure out what to eat ever since. I might just make popcorn, so I won't have to reschedule dinners for the rest of the week by eating one of them early. That would just be kicking the can down the road, and I wouldn't put it past the nephew to have thrown the can away after devouring whatever was in it.

S[peaking of cans, it's wheelie bin night. It seems to come around faster these days, while I get the bins out slower. I'm running afoul of time. I'm sure it won't end well.

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