rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The two dogs who live on the other side of my back fence, and sometimes their neighbor dog, have been barking for well over two hours. I've looked out there with a flashlight but seen nothing that could be setting them off. Perhaps they are predicting an imminent disaster, but if so my feral cats have failed to sense it, and it seems very unlikely that dogs would be more sensitive to such things than cats. I don't think the owners are home. Maybe the dogs just disapprove of being left home alone, though they've been left alone before with far less fuss ensuing.

If only it had been a cool day and had become a chilly night I could just close my windows, but it heated up quite a bit today and isn't going to cool off until night is mostly over, so I'm stuck with hearing that racket all night, or at least until the owners come home and shut them up. Where are those skunks when I need them? You'd think they could expend a little bit of their spray on some noisy dogs, after all the tasty cat food they've gotten from me.

But in the meantime I suppose I can turn the television up louder so it drowns out the barking. Or maybe I'll get into the vodka and get drunk enough to go out and bark along with them. Just my luck as soon as I start to enjoy it the owners will come home and halt the fun, or somebody will call the cops and I'll get arrested for disturbing the absent peace. That would really screw up my shopping trip tomorrow. I guess I'll just stick to turning the television up.

And it's usually so quiet here.

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