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Somewhere in the neighborhood someone is cooking something that reminds me of an Italian restaurant I used to frequent in the suburbs of Los Angeles upwards of thirty years ago. The restaurant is gone, the neighborhood it was in having been transformed by an influx of Asians who, as a rule, do not favor foods with cheese in them, but I'm sure there are Italian restaurants in other parts of Los Angeles that still emit aromas very much like those that one did. It does me no good here, of course, as I don't have access to them. About the nearest I could get would be to order a pizza from the place near K-mart, which wouldn't be close enough to what I remember.

I do have one more frozen lasagna I could microwave, but I'm saving that for next week since the stores have very little that appeals to me on sale this week. My Sunday shopping trip isn't going to fetch me much of interest, unless Grocery Outlet comes up with some surprise item they haven't advertised yet. The odds of that seem small, though it has been known to happen. But I wish that whoever is cooking that stuff tonight hadn't done it, as it's going to make the canned tamales I'm shortly going to heat up seem rather unsatisfying.

But there's no point in letting the nostalgia consume me. I have mosquitoes for that. No idea where they came from, as this is not mosquito season. There's just not enough natural standing water for them to breed in in August. Somebody must be getting careless and letting water accumulate somewhere in their yard, like maybe an above-ground pool not completely drained. I've been bitten twice this evening, and it's itchy. And I have no idea how the bugs survived the recent chilly nights. I wish I had those springtime frogs back again.

More annoying is that the Internet connection has decided to act up again. It's been off and on, off and on. I have to go fix dinner now, but I'll keep checking back and hope I can post this before midnight.

Oh, finally. The light is green again (though that's no guarantee the connection will work.) It's already been over an hour. Stupid AT&T.

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