rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It could get below 60 degrees tonight, for the first time in ages. Although it will be getting up to 90 degrees this weekend, there are no hot nights in the forecast, for which I am grateful. Odds are the rest of the summer will be endurable. The air is not too bad, either, at least for the time being. There's no telling what might happen if the wind shifts, or worse, if another fire should get started nearby. But I won't dwell on such things.

A while ago I saw one of th skunks in the back yard. There was no leftover cat food tonight, so it just got itself a drink from one of the water bowls, snooped around the yard for a while, then went on its way. Sometimes they hang around nearby, just in case one of the feral cats begs me into putting out a bit more food and then leaves some of it. Skunks are not stupid. Neither are raccoons, as they often do the same thing. The feral cats are rather stupid to beg me for more food, but I'm even stupider when I give it to them and it ends up feeding raccoons or skunks.

Last night I got a decent amount of sleep, and I'm hoping to do so again tonight. I always feel better when I'm not short of sleep. As it's going to get pretty chilly out after midnight I'll probably close the windows then and so won't have the small crickets annoying me with their infernal buzzing. Only the cat will annoy me, by trying to suffocate me as I sleep. Now that the nights are cooler she likes to curl up against my face. I guess my breath is like a small space heater to her.

But now I'm going to go out and look at the moon for a while, and try to resist the blandishments of any feral cats who might show up begging for food. I wonder if they get kickbacks of some sort from the raccoons and skunks? Or maybe they just get extorted in some sort of protection racket. Animals!

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