rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

And Confused

Ow. I dazed myself on the Internets again today. I should be more careful about that. I could end up with that degenerative brain disease Internauts get (I'm pretty sure I've heard about it but I don't remember what it's called— which means I've probably already got it.) Anyway, at least I get to be dazed in moderate weather, and I noticed that tonight the moon, despite the continuing fires, is white again, not yellow.

The moon is only about thirty degrees above the horizon now, which a few nights ago was a pink zone, and I didn't see it (or perhaps being dazed just didn't notice it) earlier, but I'd guess it wasn't discolored much or maybe not at all even as it rose. I don't know how long this atmospheric cleanth will continue, but I'm enjoying it as much as I am the cooling.

Portia has decided to nap on my mouse space, and I have to contort myself to use the computer now. Perhaps she is aware of my Internets-induced bedazement, and is trying to get me to knock it the hell off. I guess I'll heed the advice her fat, furry ass is giving me and go watch television. As soon as I make some ramen for dinner. Lunch was late again. What a day.

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