rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time Flies

The moderately warm days and delightfully cool nights are slated to continue until the weekend, but hotter days might return at the start of September. Fortunately, the cool nights are expected to continue even then. It seems increasingly likely that the worst of summer is indeed behind us. Now I can start hoping that the worst of winter is far, far in the future. What I would most like is one of those long, leisurely autumns with periodic soft rains and mild days and nights. We almost never get those, of course, but I like to imagine winning the autumn weather lottery just once more before I die.

A few minutes ago I went out back to check on the feral cats, and saw at least two raccoons in the back back yard. They saw me, too, and growled at me. That's probably because I chased one of them out of the yard a few nights ago and they no longer trust me. Two feral cats saw them, too, and one of them growled at the raccoons. That's a pretty bold cat. The other cat decided to take off. That's a smart cat. The raccoons are still hanging around, but they'll move on once they discover that the cat food bowls are empty. I believe the skunks already ate the scraps.

The balance in my checking account collapsed today when I paid the premium for next year's fire insurance. Now I must start saving furiously for the property taxes, and be careful not to get an overdraft if any emergencies come up next month.

Oh, is that the time? I got distracted and went looking at Google street views. I need to get the wheelie bins out, post haste.

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