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'Napped [Aug. 26th, 2018|10:57 pm]
So I dozed off and ended up having a very long, unintentional, post-shopping nap. The evening was devoured by snatches of vague dreams and ineffectual glimpses of reality; the sunlight fading, sky yellow then red then cerulean; something happening on the television; a cat curling up next to my face for a sympathy nap. I ended up not seeing the full moon rise red. By the time I woke and went outside to feed impatient, neglected feral cats it was up among the walnut branches and yellow. So an end to it. I'm half awake now, and thinking about dinner, and being somewhat sad as I always am when I awake after nightfall. I think I dreamed about smoke.

Sunday Verse


by Jeffrey Harrison

John Clare
wrote poems
on scraps
of paper,

erased them
with bread
he ate

When he ran
out of scraps
he wrote
in his hat.

When he ran
out of bread
he ate