rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Winding Down

It got chilly enough overnight that this morning I had to put on a hoodie when I went outside to feed the feral cats. I got to leave some of the windows open all day, even though it got quite warm this afternoon. The house had enough cool nocturnal air stored up that it never got above 74 degrees. Now I've got the fan on, and I expect I can leave it running until around midnight, and the house will be cool enough again tomorrow that I can have freshish air all day again.

I say freshish because there still is a bit of smoke hanging around though mostly it's staying up high. When the moon rose this evening it was the reddest it's been in several days, but as it got higher it turned pink and then yellow. I doubt it will make it all the way to white tonight, though, nor anytime soon. The Mendocino fire is still only 67% contained and is likely to be burning for the rest of the summer and into autumn. We might not see a white moon in these parts again until winter.

So far I haven't had visits from either the skunks or the raccoons tonight. The feral cats left a small bit of their dinner in one of the bowls, and it was still there last time I went out. Either skunk or raccoon is bound to come and eat it soon, if the ferals don't finish it. The skunk is more likely. The other night there was a raccoon fight in my back yard, and I think they might both be very cautious about coming here now. A raccoon fight is a terrible thing, even louder and more ferocious than a cat fight, and I can't imagine it not producing some pretty painful injuries.

Tomorrow is probably going to be shopping day. I'm not expecting any transportation hitches this week. There isn't much to buy, though. None of the stores have very good sales this week. But I still have a few items from last week's far better sales, so nothing to worry about. Except that I'll probably have to buy the Big Slab o' Butter at Grocery Outlet, since I'm almost out and at $3.99 a pound it will be cheapest available. It's very inconvenient not to have butter pre-cut and wrapped in individual cubes, though.

No English murder on television again tonight. I think there will be some tomorrow, but tonight I'll have to make do with reruns of crude, silly American murders. But at least I get to be reasonably cool and comfortable while watching them.

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