rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Procyon lotor

The raccoons have been very active all night. It is surprising how much noise these little creatures can make. I seldom hear the deer when they visit the street, but the raccoons can hardly pass unnoticed. Sometimes they grunt or squeal like pigs. When they run, they clomp almost as though they had hooves. They find it impossible to walk through the leaves fallen under the bushes without making a racket, even though the cats are able to tread there silently. And when they climb the fence it sounds as though a bear were trying to get into the yard.

They also have fights among themselves during mating season- at least I hope those are fights. If not, it is the loudest sex I've ever heard. Sometimes they chase each other through the pine trees, squealing and grunting and knocking the pine cones to the ground. They are by far the loudest animals in the neighborhood, even noisier than the blue jays, though, mercifully, less numerous.

There were also a couple of skunks passing by in the night. I didn't hear them, of course. In the entire time I've lived here, I've only seen skunks two or three times. They make their presence known only by their distinctive odor. Perhaps the one I smelled last night was showing its displeasure at the boisterousness of the raccoons. If so, the skunk certainly has my sympathy, my gratitude, and my blessing.

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