rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The almost-full moon came up almost the color of salmon tonight. It's nice and cool out, too, but I can't go out there and enjoy it right now because skunks have been around and really stank the place up. I don't know who or what got sprayed, but the event took place very near here. I hope it wasn't one of my feral cats. They like to rub against my leg when I go out, and I don't want skunk residue on my pant legs.

Indeed, one of the skunks is on my back porch right now, gobbling up the scraps of the food the ferals didn't finish tonight. If the beasts are in a spraying mood I don't want to go out there until they are gone. The smell is still quite strong, even in the house, and I don't need more. As much as I like the transient smell of skunk from a distance, up close and for an extended time it is just horrendous. I hope a breeze comes up and blows it away soon.

In the meantime I'm wishing I had closed the windows. It's too late now. The smell would just get trapped in the house. But it's not as strong in the living room. I guess I'll have to let the computer nap while I go watch television. But there's not much on tonight. There's still a beg-a-thon on the local PBS channels, so no English murders.

Maybe I can go outside after all, if it stops stinking out there before it does in here.

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