rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Nice Again

A change has definitely taken hold, and could stick around for more than a week. Today I left the windows open until noon, and then started opening them up again an hour before sunset. Outside it had dropped into the low seventies by dusk, and the nearly-full moon rose only slightly smoke-jaundiced over a comfortable world. I will have to close the windows again tonight, as it will be going down to 61 degrees, and tomorrow I'll be able to open them for much of the day. It's almost as though autumn were here already. This is such a relief.

Now that summer is almost over it looks like this has been the worst year ever for my rose bushes. There were very few blossoms, most of them coming early in the season, and now that I think about it I don't recall seeing any at all for the last few weeks. The bushes have been badly pruned too many times I suppose, in addition to getting pretty old, and their soil could probably use some fertilizer (other than what the feral cats leave.) Maybe I'll think about maybe doing something about them next year, if they survive the winter. A couple of them look like they could be at death's door already.

A few small clusters of flowers are still clinging to life on the jasmine hedge, and when I get close enough to smell them they bring a pleasant reminder of our too-short spring. I hope autumn won't be too short. As it is still late August I know the heat could come roaring back, and there will certainly be at least one more heat wave (hopefully not too intense) before the equinox, and we could even get one after the equinox. But a hot fall is something I definitely don't want, nor do I want an early winter. Extremes distress me, and I'm hoping for a mild autumn that lingers into November, maybe with a few decent rains so I won't have to do much irrigating.

But I don't get to order up weather, as much as I'd like to. Weather has its own mind, and that mind has grown increasingly deranged in recent years. But at least the next ten days look good, if the forecast holds. There will be a string of mild days and cool nights, and I'm anticipating them with hopeful delight. I'm also anticipating tonight's belated dinner (lunch was late, too.) A frozen lasagna is waiting to be microwaved, and there is a nice roll from which I will make garlic toast. Salad is likely, too. It's nice to have weather that is conducive to making full meals again.

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