rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A mere 74 degrees at eight o'clock, and 71 at nine! It feels like it's been forever since it was this cool so early in the evening. And it's supposed to drop down to 65 tonight! Also good news, the big fire in Shasta County is now 91% contained, so there's a chance it will be fully contained within a few days. It started on July 23, so it's been burning almost a month. The larger Mendocino fire is still only 67% contained, so will probably be burning well into September. For the time being the smoke is staying up high and very little is coming down here, but that could change.

For now I will just revel in the cool and barely filthy air, and won't even complain about the little crickets (well at least not until tomorrow night.) I've been sitting on the back porch watching the slightly off-color moon through the leaves of the walnut tree. I'm going back out to watch some more. The house is still a bit too warm, but should be quite pleasant by midnight. I'll most likely fall asleep not long after that, since I've been awake since around seven this morning. Now that the weather is getting back to something resembling normal for this time of year I'll probably be sleeping better. There's some catching up to do.

Oh, the onset of fall. I can almost feel it in the night air.

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