rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Buzz

Odd, but I don't hear the small crickets buzzing this evening. I'm not complaining, I'm just pleasantly surprised. I wonder if the feral cats finally got as sick of that racket as I did and just went out and ate them all. On the other hand maybe it just isn't dark enough yet, and they'll start up momentarily, when the last light of the sun has left the sky (the gloaming ends.) If so, it's nice having a few nocturnal moments of respite from them.

Lunch was late again today, and as it included a malted milk I am still quite full, so this might be another night when I just don't want any dinner. If I'm still awake at one or two o'clock this morning maybe I'll make a bowl of popcorn, but at the moment the thought of a meal makes me a bit ill. I was going to eat my last frozen lasagna tonight, but I guess I'll save it for tomorrow. It makes a good after-shopping dinner, requiring but minimal preparation. And they are on sale at Safeway this week, so I can replace the one I'll be eating.

I just finished watering the back yard, which I ought to have done last night but forgot. The plants will survive, I'm sure. The few blossoms that one oleander bush produced this year are withered now, and there won't be any more, but continued regular watering has kept new flowers blooming on one section of the jasmine hedge, though I have to get very close to them to catch any fragrance. The plant's ability to produce perfume seems to diminish before its ability to produce blossoms does.

Tomorrow is supposed to be about as hot as today was, so it will be an unpleasant day to go shopping, but after that it's supposed to get a bit cooler again. Well, a bit less hot, really, since daytime coolness is only a dream this year. So glad that August is waning, and it's only a bit over a month until the autumnal equinox.

Ah, there goes the first cricket. I'll drown it out with a YouTube video.

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