rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Another displeasing turn of the weather is bringing back the heat, including nights considerably warmer than is normal for this time of year. It will probably take most of the night for the house to get close to cool tonight, but it will never get comfortable.

With the higher temperature has come a stupider brain. I've been forgetting what I'm doing all day, so that I end up discovering that I need to do something I'd thought I'd already done. It's a good thing I had nothing really important an the agenda today. Ha, the agenda. Good one. Like I had anything remotely resembling a plan in my life anymore.

Anyway I'm hungry now, having forgotten to eat lunch, so I'm going to go heat up something canned. Maybe things will make more sense after I eat. But more likely I'll just fall asleep without turning off the television again, and end up having dreams about whatever the infomercials are selling.

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