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No entry yesterday because I fell asleep. I actually wrote a couple of lines, then the microwave bell sounded and I went to eat dinner. It was probably dinner that made me doze off, or maybe the drink I had with it, but the next thing I knew it was four o'clock in the morning and there was some bizarre sex toy infomercial on the television. I remembered the entry I'd been writing but when I checked it I decided there just wasn't enough to it to post it as it was, and I certainly didn't feel like enlarging it at that hour, with me all dopey-headed from sleep.

So here I am again, wondering what to say. Vague Ideas have been fluttering about my head all evening, but none have gotten any purchase on my brain cells. Let's see if I can remember anything at all.

Oh, last night I sat on my couch and the blanket I had spread on it felt a bit lumpy, so I went to straighten the lump and found that I'd sat on a fresh, wet hairball. It was too late to wash the blanket, since I still have no dryer and need the sun when I do laundry, so I just put the blanket aside and washed it today. I washed the other blanket, too— the one that sits on the back of the couch and which I use to cover myself when, so rarely this summer, I wake up because the room has gotten chilled. That blanket didn't have any hairball residue on it, but it did smell of cat, since Portia likes to nap on it.

Anyway, the blankets are now washed and sun-dried, and all ready for the next hairball. Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and, for those of us who live with cats, hairballs. Benjamin Franklin, presumably, was not a cat person.

The only other interesting thing that happened today was a very lurid sunset. For the last couple of weeks the smoke has been so think that it didn't let much light pass, but now it has thinned enough that the tiny particles of ex-trees and brush that have formed into something close to normal clouds caught a huge amount of light and turned it a vivid shade of red. I enjoyed it for several minutes before it began fading, and then the waxing crescent moon came out, and it was surprisingly yellow, just like an almost normal moon. Normalness can be so nice when you haven't seen if for a while.

As for the fires, the one in Shasta County is now 72% contained, as is the larger of the Mendocino fires. The smaller one in Mendocino is fully contained, but the larger one will probably continue burning for days yet, and in the end will probably have burned upward of a third of a million acres. Everyone in California will certainly be glad when this fire season is over.

I made grilled cheese sandwich (Muenster on sourdough) for a late lunch today, and I don't think I'll want any dinner. I'll probably fall asleep soon anyway. I did get back to sleep for a while this morning, but I've still been awake since about eight o'clock. It probably won't cool off quite as much tonight, but it's not too bad in here right now, and it's actually quite pleasant outdoors, especially since the air is fresh. I might go out for a while and see if the skunks visit tonight.

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