rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Those little crickets have multiplied rapidly, and their high-pitched buzzing goes on all night. I hear them through my open windows, and I must have the windows open or the house will never cool off. Right now I'm partly drowning them out with YouTube music videos, and later I'll partly drown them out with television, but every in-between silence I hear them, buzzing and buzzing. I'm pretty sure they were made in a factory owned by Satan.

Aside from that, it's not too bad tonight. I'm not smelling any smoke even though the fires are still raging. Some wind— good for us, ill for someone else— is blowing it elsewhere, I suppose. The air is cooling decently, and The house might actually get chilly before dawn. Last night I fell asleep not long after midnight, then woke up about four o'clock in the morning and was cold enough that I considered putting on a blanket, but decided I'd rather enjoy the unaccustomed form of discomfort for a change.

This afternoon I got my head yanked by the chiropractor, and it will have to do me for five weeks this time since he will be taking a week off early in September. Usually I try to get an adjustment every four weeks. I could have gone back in three weeks, but that's a little too soon, so I'll be careful and try to make today's adjustment last a week longer.

So far I haven't checked to see if the sky has cleared enough to make stars appear. I might go do that now. Heaven hasn't been very large lately. It will be nice to see it opened up again, even though I think I've missed the waxing crescent moon which is probably behind the trees by now, if not totally set. Ah, well. Tomorrow, if I remember.

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