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I used to put the toilet paper over the top of the roll, as my mom had always done for as long as I can remember. A couple of years ago when I had several feral kittens in the house I twice found rolls almost completely undone, with heaps of paper on the floor. Since then I have put the paper down the back of the roll. Today, for the first time since then, a cat has unraveled a roll, though only about 20% of it. I just bought a 30-roll pack at Safeway the other day, and I'm guessing that the cat saw it and thought "well, he's got plenty of that stuff. I think I'll have some fun!" I do hope this won't become a regular occurrence.

It's finally getting a bit cooler, right now being about five degrees lower than it was at this time last night. Tomorrow is supposed to get up only to 85, about ten degrees cooler than today. The days will start getting hotter again Thursday, but the nights are predicted to remain cooler than they have been recently. Maybe my fried brain will start to heal. It will be nice to be less deranged again.

Tomorrow is chiropractor day, and tonight is wheelie bin night. I tried raking some leaves earlier today, but found that my left hand kept cramping up from grasping the rake. I'm thinking maybe a vitamin deficiency of some sort. Either that or all the smoke I've inhaled from the fires has clogged something up. My diet has been quite crappy this summer. It was pretty crappy today. I haven't actually fixed dinner yet, again, and will probably just be microwaving, again. Maybe I can make something healthyish tomorrow.

I'd best get the bins out before I collapse. Short of sleep again today.

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