rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Heat Is On

This interesting map shows all the wildfires currently burning in the United States. Currently they are all in the west. many are in California, but a surprising number are in Idaho and Montana.

The California fires are still making the local air somewhat smoky, and the sun was fairly red when it rose this morning. The moon won't be making an appearance tonight, but I'm sure it would be even redder. The nearest fire is one recently started, in the Plumas (Spanish for feathers) National Forest about forty miles northeast of here. It had only consumed 117 acres as of this evening, though it started three days ago, and it is already 65% contained, so unlikely to be a problem for us.

It's the big fires in Shasta, Trinity, Mendocino, and Lake counties that are still fouling the air. Those will be with us for some time, and the wind that might kick up tonight and tomorrow could de-contain them. But the wind might also blow some of this smoke away. Less smoke now in exchange for more smoke later. Doesn't seem like a very good deal, come to think of it.

Right now a slight breeze is making the outdoor air (less hot than in here) feel almost cool, but the few big crickets that were chirping last night are gone, and in their place is the first of this summer's small crickets, making it's annoying, high-pitched buzz. There is still one large cricket somewhere on the next block, but the small cricket is drowning it out most of the time. As delighted as I am to know that summer is waning, this particular sound it brings is one of the most annoying one must ever endure. I wish one of the feral cats would find that small cricket and devour it.

But the day was not an entire waste. I did manage to get two loads of laundry done, and dry them outdoors, and they hardly picked up any smell of smoke at all. I'll have something to wear to my appointment with the chiropractor on Tuesday! I also have a clean pillowcase on the pillow I keep on the couch, so I'll have something pleasant to smell while watching television tonight. I doubt I'll smell it for long, though, as I got too little sleep again last night, and I'm so tired that I'll probably pass out soon, despite the unpleasant heat. Perhaps I'll dream of fragrant gardens filled with cool fountains.

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