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Muddle - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Muddle [Aug. 9th, 2018|09:55 pm]
It's been getting hotter again, but highs could drop back down into the eighties next week. The smoke seems a bit less thick, too, but I have still been coughing quite a bit. I had chronic bronchitis when I was a kid, and in recent years it's been reasserting itself at times, but the smoke from these fires seems to have given it a big boost. I do hope the experience doesn't push me over the edge, forcing me to get a lung doctor. I've liked just having chiropractor appointments to keep track of, and would rather not add another set.

Speaking of which, I have an adjustment coming up next Tuesday. The current forecast says 86 degrees that day, and a low of only 65 on Monday night. It will be nice if that does come to pass. Tonight is not very comfortable so far— a bit worse than last night, which was unpleasant until near dawn. I find myself short of sleep again, thanks to the heat keeping me awake too late, and than waking up too early so I can get the windows closed before the day gets too hot, and then being unable to get back to sleep. I nodded off while sitting on the back porch this afternoon, despite the heat, but when I came back in found myself unable to take a nap.

I've dawdled and missed a window of opportunity to make dinner. There's something I want to watch on television in ten minutes, which would leave too little time for cooking, and the next chance won't be until after midnight. I really need to get better organized. I don't expect that to happen until it cools down again, and maybe not even then. Increasing muddleheadedness was always in the cards, but this is just getting ridiculous.

Rats. Internet connection flaking out on me again.