rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Respite's End

The brief period of cool nights is over, though they are not supposed to be getting as hot as they were last week. We shall see. It was nice while it lasted, and there's a chance we will get another such period at the beginning of next week. Given the fact that summer is almost half over, it's about damned time we got some moderation. And next week is a good time for some cooling as my next chiropractor appointment is a week from tomorrow.

The smoke is still hanging around, though not as thick as it was yesterday. The big fires are still growing, and the larger of two in Mendocino and Lake Counties is now larger than the one in Shasta and Trinity Counties, though so far it hasn't destroyed anywhere near as many buildings (about 45 opposed to about 1,600.) The Shasta fire is almost half contained, but the big Mendocino fire is only at 22%, and could still do a lot of damage if it keeps heading toward populated areas.

My feral cats don't do a lot of hunting, but today two of them each caught a bird, which displeased me. Shorty caught a hummingbird, which was especially distressing, and then later Porky caught and made me a gift of a pigeon. Porky didn't eat any of the pigeon, but Shorty took a few bites, then left the carcass to gather flies— which it did. I finally tossed it into the back back yard, where some nocturnal carrion eater is likely to find it (they usually do.)

Tonight is wheelie bin night. It seems to come around more often than it used to, though of course it doesn't. Time just seems to be speeding up because there's so much more of it in my memory than there is ahead of me. After I deal with the bins I'm going to microwave something. The Grocery Outlet had a bogo sale on some Chinese pork dumplings, already heavily discounted. I have no idea if they are any good. If they are I got a great bargain. If they aren't I've got six servings to get rid of. The six servings only cost me 66 cents each, so a fairly cheap lesson. And if they're bad maybe I'll be able to get the nephew to eat them. He'll eat just about anything (and usually does.)

The Internet connection has been acting up again tonight. Once I get the fruitless mulberry tree cut back the various cables will be easier to get to and I'll call AT&T to come out and replace the telephone line, which I'm sure has been de-insulated by the squirrels again. With the tree engulfing it it's just too difficult to replace. But I probably won't be able to get the tree cut back until autumn. Before the leaves fall, I hope, so there will be fewer to rake this year.

Wheelie bin time, then dinner.

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