rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Now that the weather has shifted about we are getting smoky air again, this time from the fire in Lake and Mendocino Counties. Visibility is not much more than couple of miles. I could barely see the mountains on the other side of the river today, and the sun stayed fairly orange all day. But if smoke is the price of cooler weather I'll take it. Early this morning I actually buttoned my shirt to keep the chill off! Tomorrow morning promises to be as delightful.

I squandered most of today in front of the television, and don't regret it. It was a vacation from the terrible heat, and one is supposed to relax on vacation. Besides which it was less smoky in the house than it was outside. Tomorrow I must shop, which I consider sufficient work for a weekend.

The Internets connection has been acting up again tonight, and I've got one at the moment so I won't delay. The next opportunity might not come until after midnight.

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