rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Moderation, For Now

The skunks have decided to keep visiting my back yard even when I don't leave any cat food out. They obviously appreciate that there is water available, but I suspect that mostly they just find it a pleasant, safe place to frolic. They certainly show no fear of me, or of the feral cats. I have yet to see them here at the same time as the raccoons, but I doubt even those beasts would get aggressive toward a skunk.

While the fire in Shasta County has moved away from the densely populated areas, the fires in Lake and Mendocino Counties are still threatening a number of towns, and could conceivably destroy upward of 9,000 structures. Some areas that were evacuated are being repopulated, while other areas are now under new evacuation orders. To my surprise, we still don't have any fires in our immediate area yet (knock on unburned wood.)

Tomorrow is the first of two comparatively mild days. It will only get up into the high eighties. What luxury! Even greater luxury will be nocturnal lows in the mid to high sixties, if that does indeed happen. It's actually quite cool outside right now, though the house is taking its time to cool down. A bit of fresh breeze now and then makes its way through my open window, and tempts me to go back outdoors and hang out with the skunks. In fact I think I'll do that now. This respite won't last too long, so I should take advantage of it while it lasts.
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