rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It was a bit cooler early this morning than on recent mornings, and as a result I got a couple of hours of relatively comfortable sleep, but the improvement was still marginal. And I still ended up having another unintended nap this afternoon. It's also depressing to know that after a few days respite— and only slight respite at that— the intense heat will come back. It'll be back up to 99 degrees and a low of 73 a week from tomorrow. August could turn out to be as dickish as July has been. Well, of course. They are named after two Imperial Roman dicks after all.

I still haven't decided what to eat tonight, if anything. Not being out of butter yet maybe I'll microwave some popcorn and finish my bottle of carrot juice before it goes bad. Easy has a lot to recommend it when one is still reeling from the heat. This week I intend to buy some extra beer, because I've really missed having a cold one on these hot evenings. Sierra Nevada's Summerfest is out. It's a nice, crisp lager.

In the meantime I hope a few of my heat-killed brain cells grow back so I can function a bit better this week. Also I hope everything quits burning soon, though I know that's unlikely.

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