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Same Old - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Same Old [Aug. 1st, 2018|10:54 pm]
A long, unintended evening nap has disrupted my schedule, so I must be brief. That's not a problem, given that nothing in particular happened today. It was pretty much just yesterday's weather over again, and I got nothing done. Tomorrow will probably be another rerun, except for the possibility of somewhat lower temperatures tomorrow night. If we do start getting cooler nights I'll probably sleep better, and things like this evening's unintended nap will be less likely. That will be nice.

The sky is still smoky, but the smoke is staying high so I don't smell it. The big fire has now consumed 1,000 houses, and is still only about 30% contained. It's likely to keep burning for a long time yet. The novelty of red suns and moons is wearing off, and I barely even notice them now.

Glad that July is over, but I'm not looking forward to dealing with August. I'm dreaming about October, and hoping it will bring rain. Not too much of course, or all the burned areas will just wash away and clog the rivers. A little bit of rain, just to turn the grass green.

The breeze through the window is not especially cool, but very pleasant nonetheless.