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Future [Jul. 28th, 2018|10:30 pm]
The moon rose looking like a luminous slice of blood orange last night and again tonight, as did the sun this morning. Through much of the day the smell of burning pine was strong, even here some 80 miles from the active fire. Yesterday the smoke remained aloft, but today it reached the ground and would accumulate in spots so it was actually visible, as though burning at that spot, instead of just being a gray background.

The fire has doubled in size since yesterday, having now consumed most of 85,000 acres, destroying 500 structures and killing five people. Several other fires are burning around the state, including one east of Yosemite. This year has started out even worse than last year. Someday regions far north of here will endure these conditions, as California's climate gradually shifts in their direction. Many parts of the east are apt to get drier and more fire prone, too. But by that time much of California will have become utterly desiccated and deserted, with nobody left to say I told you so.

It puts me in mind of the mock-prophetic verses Richard Armour penned for an issue of Look magazine focused on California back in 1962:

So leap with joy, be blithe and gay,
Or weep, my friends, with sorrow.
What California is today,
The rest will be tomorrow.
I don't think this slow, fiery apocalypse is exactly the Californian future Armour was expecting, but welcome to the world's fate.

[User Picture]From: lost_tumbleweed
2018-07-29 02:00 pm (UTC)

It’s scary this is an annual ritual.

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