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All day the sky was hazy from the enormous fire that is burning west of Redding, which is about 80 miles northwest of here. In late afternoon the sky took on an almost satiny sheen. The residue of a whole lot of trees and brush as well as couple dozen houses and their contents and probably quite a few woodland creatures are up there in that shiny sky. About 35,000 people have been evacuated. The fire has exploded to above 45,000 acres and at the last report was only 3% contained, so we'll most likely be getting that overcast of destruction for quite some time yet.

It's only a matter of time before this town gets its own fire and probably burns to the ground. Californians, if you didn't know, will live in the stupidest places. This is one of them. The specter of annihilation does sometimes make for some very enjoyable sunsets, though, but tonight wasn't one of those times. Not enough sunlight could get through, I guess. However, the full moon will probably take on an orange glow tonight, so that sort of makes up for it.

It won't make up for not getting to see the long lunar eclipse, which wasn't visible in North America. I'm sure there'll be video available on YouTube, but that's never very satisfying. It's like watching porn. It just isn't the same as being personally involved.

Still hot as hell, and hotter tomorrow, but the forecast is now predicting slightly less hot nights. I hope that's accurate. They won't be cool enough to cool off the house by night, so I'll have to keep using the air conditioner for a few more days, but maybe by sometime next week will get a night below 70 degrees. That isn't much good for cooling of the house, either, but compared to what we have been getting it will seem a lot nicer.

I might actually make something for dinner tonight, but I'll most likely make it in the microwave. Last night's dinner was a cup of ice cream, and today's lunch was cottage cheese and applesauce. I probably need something closer to solid. My teeth are going to atrophy.

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