rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So I went out back to check on the feral cats and to cool off for a few minutes, and I saw the skunk who has been visiting the yard regularly. It was munching the bit of food still in the cats' bowls, and then went over onto the dry, leaf-strewn lawn. I heard it frolicking there. I wasn't aware that lone skunks frolic, and it turned out in this case that it wasn't. My flashlight (dim because the batteries are low) finally revealed that there were Two skunks in the yard.

Ah, skunks mating, in my yard. I wonder if I'm going to get a litter of baby skunks hanging around? In fact maybe I already have a litter of baby skunks around, and I'll be seeing them soon. I can't say I'm pleased at this. So far the visiting skunk hasn't threatened me in any way, but s/he has actually been entirely too confident in my presence, sometimes coming within six feet of me when I'm sitting on the porch (well within their ten-foot spraying distance.) As cute as skunks are, they do have that spray, and there is always the risk that one or another of them will decide that I (or perhaps one of the cats) need a dose of it.

I'm going to have to start bringing in any food remaining in the cat bowls at nightfall, and try one or another of the things that are supposed to repel skunks. The feral cats have proven themselves useless at this task. I might finally have to put a bulb in that back porch light. Skunks are said to be light avoiders. I really like it dark outside, as it helps me see the stars, but if I'm going to have skunks sneaking up on me while watching I might as well not watch. Rags soaked in ammonia-based bleach are also said to keep skunks away, as are citrus peels. I've got a couple of limes and some oranges, but I doubt the peels would keep their pungency very long. My bleach, alas, is chlorine-based.

Well, this is certainly a revolting development, and one I did not foresee. But at least it gives me something to be disgruntled about other than the relentless heat. For tonight, anyway. I'm sure I'll be complaining about the heat at length again tomorrow by night.

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