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Stroked [Jul. 18th, 2018|09:08 pm]
I think I'm running on my last three brain cells. It topped 100 outside today, and when the indoor temperature hit 84 I turned on the air conditioner. I still feel wilted, and the feral cats are draped here and there, nearly comatose. It isn't going to be a good night. It's unlikely to be a good tomorrow. There are still two weeks of July to get through, and the whole of August.

I've been looking out the window and haven't seen a single person go by. I'm guessing the inhabitants of the whole town are lying dead in their houses. It's strange being the last person alive for miles around, but rather disappointing. Here I could make all the noise I want and nobody would complain, but I just haven't got the energy.

Maybe I'll have the energy to microwave my last meal. I'm not so sure about having the energy to eat it.