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The young skunk visited my back yard tonight, but the feral cats' food bowls were empty and the visitor went away unsatisfied. You'll know how cute this skunk actually is when I say that I was tempted to go in and get some cat food for it. This would have been terribly stupid, of course, and I squelched the idea immediately... but that skunk is so cute!. Just a tiny little guy, with a bushy tail that look bigger than its body. I'm glad the cats never attack it.

The cats do attack birds, though, and this afternoon one of them brought a dead bird into the back yard. This caught the attention of the other back yard feral, who went over to watch. The hunter soon tired of his one-sided game and abandoned the cadaver, whereupon the other cat took a turn. I thought one or the other of them would at least take a few bites of the fresh kill, but when I went out to do some watering this evening the dead bird was still there, pretty much intact. Looks like one of my ferals is a trophy hunter, in it for the sport. Maybe I'll rename him Don Junior.

The chiropractic adjustment this afternoon went quite well, and I'm hoping it will bring an end (at least for a while) to the headaches I've had for the last few days. There's the possibility that the headaches are not the consequences of a maladjusted neck, though, but of the appalling heat. The forecasts keep changing as each day nears, the predicted temperatures being adjusted upward for both day and night. The forecasts for the next several days are showing declining temperatures, but no nocturnal lows below seventy until next Sunday night. I expect that the pattern of upward revisions will continue.

A low of 76 tonight. Every time I think this summer can't get any worse, it does. Maybe that feral cat didn't catch that bird after all. Maybe the bird just dropped dead from the heat in mid-flight. At the rate we're going the town will be littered with corpses of all species by August. My corpse will probably be among them. The cats will probably let it go to waste, too.

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