rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The endless summer continues. So many heat-desiccated oak leaves have fallen that the brown lawn is half covered. So many heat-desiccated brain cells have died that I can barely function. Somehow I have to deal with the wheelie bins tonight, though there will be no yard waste bin this time. I have been unable to find enough energy to gather those dead leaves and get them binned. I'm sure they will fill at least one to the brim.

Yet tonight is already a bit cooler than last night was at this time. It must be no more than 82 degrees outside. With windows open and fan on it will probably take no more than an hour to get the house that cool. I've denied myself the luxury of air conditioning tonight, thinking it wise to save the expenditure for tomorrow when I must get myself ready for an appointment with the chiropractor, which is at four o'clock— most likely the hottest part of the day. But my neck is so disarranged by thrashing about in my heat-maddened sleep that I can't afford not to go.

I've spent most of the afternoon watching videos on YouTube, and I do believe I've developed a musician crush on Win Butler of Arcade Fire. The imagery of the video captures the atmosphere of this summer all too well.

Bins, before I collapse from exhaustion.

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