rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Helter Swelter Redux

I finally had to give in and turn on the air conditioner this evening. The house topped 82 degrees. I got no sleep at all last night, and tonight is to be just about as hot. Currently I've got the thermostat set at 80, which cools the house down to a low of 78. I'll probably have to lower it later on if I'm to get any sleep tonight.

The only good news is that the high tomorrow is now predicted to be only 93. Today it hit 100. Sadly, there are still no nocturnal lows below 70 predicted until Tuesday night. Monday night is to drop only to 70, and I've got an appointment with the chiropractor Tuesday afternoon. That means I'll probably need more air conditioning Monday night and Tuesday morning. This could get costly very quickly.

I also worry about my air conditioner being the last straw that triggers a power outage. Los Angeles got extensive outages during their recent heat wave, but we've been lucky up here so far. Probably thanks to delta breezes which are cooling parts of the valley by night, though they aren't reaching this far north. At least the demand for electricity is being moderated in Sacramento. If they needed this much air conditioning there too it would really put a strain on the grid.

Now I'm going to check outdoors to see if it's below 78 yet. If it is I can open the windows and turn the air conditioner off for a while. That heat in the attic is going to be radiating down, though, so maybe I'l have to turn it back on soon. Again, I wish summer was over.

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