rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Ineffectual Disapproval

There's been a skunk visiting my back yard lately. I've seen it four times in the last couple of weeks. So far it hasn't had any confrontations with my feral cats, or with any of the raccoons who also visit. It surprised me one night by walking within about ten feet of me before I noticed it. I got up slowly and tiptoed back to the house, so as not to surprise it. I always give the back yard a long scan before going out there at night anymore.

The skunk didn't leave any odors so far, but this evening I smelled a fire. I checked the Internet and found that it was a small brush fire that broke out this afternoon on the far side of the river, and very near the lake. Some rustic residences beyond it have been evacuated, but the report says that it has been contained at just over ten acres. It's a good thing they jumped on it quickly and it was in an easily accessible area, as a wildfire could get seriously out of hand very quickly in this weather.

Speaking of weather (you knew it was coming) it was hotter today, and the heat will grow steadily to its predicted peak on Sunday, but even worse the forecast keeps upping the predicted nocturnal lows. Tonight will only get down to 73, and Thursday night will be a horrendous 75. No lows below 70 are predicted until next Monday night, and that will be only 69. In short, there's no end in sight to the misery this month is bringing. I strongly disapprove!

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