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Cumulative Misery [Jul. 9th, 2018|11:03 pm]
Last night was a bit cooler than the forecast had predicted, which was a nice change. Maybe tonight will be cooler than predicted, too, though I won't count on it. Even though cooler than predicted, it was still hotter than the long term average for a July night. Hot days are unpleasant, but hot nights are miserable, and their effects carry over into the next day. I'd really like my cool nights back.

But I suppose I should just be grateful that the heat dome that is covering much of the country doesn't reach this far north. Much of Southern California— and not just on the inland deserts but areas close to the ocean— has been going over 110 lately, and the nights have been in the seventies and in some places the eighties. I really hope that doesn't happen here. I'll want my 92 degree days and 68 degree nights back if it does.

As it gets hotter I get more irritable, and lose more sleep, and find it more difficult to eat, which makes me even more irritable. It's a vicious circle. There's no end in sight yet.

Oh, rats, I have to get the wheelie bins out. MY attention span is shot.