rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Merciful Cooling

Following one of those afternoons when the golden light poured down through the pines like honey, the long evening passed with lazy Sunday silence. A pair of blue jays briefly raised a ruckus , chasing one another through the leaves of the mulberry tree, but then flew off to do whatever it is that blue jays do when I'm not watching them. A couple of neighborhood cats strolled by, giving each other wary looks, but there were no fights. The leaves rustled from time to time, and the breeze ruffled the grass. For the first time in days, the evening grew cool. I watched the blue darken in the sky and the green darken on the leaves, and then the color fade from everything and it was night and the stars and waxing moon appeared. It is necessary to have a few hours of quiet now and then, just to recharge the senses. I feel better now, and my thoughts can roam over the night, probing the dark places and sensing their secrets. Silence yields up mysteries no sound will ever convey.

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