rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The sky was much nicer today than it was yesterday. It was only partly cloudy, and the clouds were big and fluffy and white, and they barely moved. It was very relaxing to watch them barely move. But it got much to warm to suit me, and is to get warmer still in the days ahead. At least it is cooling off nicely again this evening, so the house might not be hellish tomorrow. I might not even need to turn the air conditioner on in order to dry off after my shower. But after tomorrow it's probably going to get pretty nasty.

But nothing much happened today. I just watched barely moving clouds, then a bit of television, and wasted a few hours on the Internets. Tomorrow I'll have to go shopping, briefly, but I'm not expecting that to be anymore exciting than it usually is, which is not at all. There is nothing planned for the week ahead except avoiding the heat as much as possible. I actually can't remember if I have an appointment with the chiropractor this week. I'll have to look around for a card that will tell me.

Okay, I'm boring even myself. Good night, Internets.

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