rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Last night I did get to shiver. Early this morning the indoor temperature dropped all the way to 66, and outside it was several degrees cooler. The feral cats even vanished into their warm places instead of spending the night on or near the back porch as is their custom when it is hot. Then the day was fairly mild, too, as long as one remained in the shade. The evening has cooled off nicely, and we are expecting another chilly night, which I expect to enjoy as much as I did last night.

Oh, I got about ten hours of sleep, last night and in an afternoon nap today. I'm apparently making up for what I lost during the heat wave. Most likely I'll lose it again next week when the next heat wave arrives, but for the time being I'm feeling much better, and I'm even eating heated foods. Plus while watering the yard tonight I saw that the big oleander how has four blossoms on it. That's not many, but considering that just a few weeks ago I was sure the plants were all dead it's quite encouraging.

The stores don't have much on sale this week, which I suppose is a good thing since I won't have much money to spend. It will shorten the shopping trip, too, leaving me plenty of time to do whatever I need to do before the English people start murdering one another on television— always the highlight of Sunday. Right now I'm going to go back outside and enjoy the chill. It's already down to 69 degrees here!

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