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Glorious Fourth [Jul. 4th, 2018|09:44 pm]
A non-horrendous day today, barely into the eighties, and a very cool evening promises a pleasant night. There is even a chance that I will actually have a chance to get cold before morning— a rare treat in July. There are no fireworks tonight, of course, in this highly flammable area, so the loudest noise I've heard came from a car with a bass-heavy speaker system passing along a nearby road.

If I go outside and listen very intently, I can hear an occasional distant boom from one of the valley towns, but what slight wind there is is from the north, so the sounds from the valley aren't blown entirely away, but still don't carry well. The breeze stirs the leaves now and then, very softly, but aside from that the night is pretty quiet. Well, except for the dogs who are barking more than usual. Perhaps their sensitive ears are picking up fireworks booms that mine can't

There is one sound that surprised me tonight. There is what I am assuming is a squeaky bird in one of the pines nearby. It sounds rather like a baby jay, but much quieter. I didn't hear it during the day, and I don't know of any night birds who might be nesting around here, so it's a bit of a puzzle. I can't think of any non-avian local animals that would make such a sound.

We are supposed to be getting a couple more days not much warmer than today, and the nights are expected to continue being cool enough, so I should be able to keep the house fairly comfortable until the weekend, when it will get back into the nineties again. The next day approaching 100 will be next Monday, but forecasts that far out are not that reliable. It could get worse, or it might not be quite so bad. Sadly, worse is always more likely this time of year. As usual, I'll be enjoying the coolness while it lasts.