rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Helter Swelter

How inattentive I've grown. Yesterday was my 17th Journalversary, and I was going to say something about it, but totally forgot. Well, the moment has passed, along with the years of other moments. For example, I have an impression that there have been times when I enjoyed hot days and warm nights, but I can't dredge up any exact memories of those times. They must have been stored in parts of my brain that have been cooked away.

The bad news in the forecast today is that Saturday night will not have a low of 73 degrees. It will have a low of 76 degrees. That's as hot as it is outside right now, and tonight it will only go down to 73. It's still 79 in the house, even with all the windows open and the fan on. Stick a fork in me. I'd cry, but I can't afford to waste the water. I'm going to need it to sweat with.

I'm going to turn this heat-generating computer off now and go outside where I'll be marginally less miserable.

Weekend in Hell.

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