rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I believe the moon is full tonight, or almost so, but it's hard to tell. I missed the brief period shortly after it rises when it is visible from my yard, and the trees being all leafed out, the next unobstructed view won't be until around midnight. But it is a balmy 72 outside now, heading down to about 65, and the house got fairly cool last night so I'm expecting a pleasant night tonight. It will be warming up Friday, but the full-on nightmare heat won't be back until Saturday, when we will get into triple digits.

Full or not, the moonlight filtered through the leaves is enjoyable, and I intend to spend some time watching the shadows creep across the brown lawn. It doesn't look brown at night, and I can pretend there has been plenty of water to keep it green. I'll enjoy the cool, soft breeze and the chirping cricket, and the scent of jasmine (which won't last much longer) and maybe a feral cat rubbing against my leg, and I won't come back indoors until I actually feel chilly for a while. By then the house ought to have cooled enough that the shock of returning to it won't be too great.
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