rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It was not too uncomfortable during the day today, and night is supposed to get fairly cool, but the house is still hanging on to heat it picked up over the last couple of days. I think it's the absence of a proper attic fan that is the main problem. The attic is like a big heat trap, and is constantly radiating its stored heat down into the house, making it very difficult to cool by night.

I was able to open the windows at seven o'clock, and though it is now quite pleasant outdoors the house isn't yet down to 76 degrees. It's probably going to take all night to get it close to 70, even with all the windows open and the fan on, and I'm not really expecting it to get below 70, even though it could go as low as 63 outside. Tomorrow will be just about the same as today, but maybe there will be a breeze tonight to turn the half-assed roof turbine and get at least some of the heat out of the attic, and then I can finally get comfortable for a while tomorrow night.

Sadly, the next heat wave coincides with the weekend again, so I'll be having another sweltery shopping trip. It's not even July yet! There are bound to be triple-digit days upcoming. And here it is eleven o'clock Monday night and I've been so drained of energy I haven't even gotten the wheelie bins out. What the hell am I going to do in August?

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