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The first house I lived in had old, yellowed window shades my mom would pull down when it was time for my nap. The dimmed afternoon light would take on a brownish cast that gave me my first experience with inexplicable sadness. I had no idea why that light made me so sad, but because of it I grew to dread nap time. This evening the sky at sunset was filled with a similar light, thanks to a number of new fires burning some considerable distance north of here. The smoke has hazed the entire region, and is apt to be around for some time.

So not only is it terribly hot, but now even the light will depress me. Today was the hottest day of the current heat wave, and tonight will be the hottest night, but the days will continue to be in the eighties and nineties for the foreseeable future. Still, the forecast does predict somewhat cooler nights starting tomorrow, dropping into the low to mid sixties for several nights running, so I should at least be able to cool the house off enough by night to make the days tolerable.

Right now it's eighty degrees in the house, and just about that outdoors, so I can open the windows and turn on the house fan. It will take until dawn to get the house down into the low seventies, though, so I won't be sleeping comfortably. The haze is lending even the gibbous moon a yellowish cast, but at least the smoky haze is high up, so I can't smell it, and there is still a bit of jasmine scenting the sultry air. My disposition is not improved by the fact that I hear only one cricket chirping tonight. This is depressing. Not even two English people being murdered on television lifted my mood.

I think I'll go listen to Gloomy Sunday on YouTube to cheer myself up.

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