rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cruel Summer

The windows are open and the HVAC fan is on, but there's no way to get the house below 70 tonight since that's what it's going to be outdoors, and this time of year the house always stays a couple of degrees warmer than the outdoors overnight. That's going to be a bigger problem on Sunday. Saturday night is supposed to be 72, and I find that I can't dry off after taking a shower if the house is that warm, and when I can't dry off well enough it becomes difficult to get my clothes on as they stick to my skin. I'll have to have the air conditioner on that day. I'll probably just chill the hell out of the bathroom after closing all the other vents in the house, then turn the machine off once I'm done. I'll get sweaty as soon as I leave the bathroom, of course, but at least my clothes will already be on.

Last night the heat brought one of my brain fries, and I totally forgot to watch the television shows I'd intended to watch, so I ended up missing Colbert's monologue and all of The Daily Show. Instead, I saw a rerun of Murder She Wrote for the twentieth time or so. I did get to see Paul McCartney's surprise impromptu concert on James Corden's show, but then fell asleep before Foo Fighters did their song at the end of the show. I then woke up about five o'clock this morning, still hot and miserable. God, summer bites!

For a late lunch today I made a nice, cold malted, to go with an English muffin with peanut butter. I was hoping it would keep me full enough that I wouldn't have to make anything for dinner tonight, but it isn't working. I need to get something for cold meals in the house. Some cottage cheese with a bit of fruit would be nice. But I don't have anything like that in the refrigerator right now, and I had popcorn last night,and I'm running low on frozen burritos. I guess I'll have to fix some ramen. At least the burner only has to be on for a few minutes to make that.

Oh, I wish it was Monday already, with that predicted high of 86 and low of 62. What luxury! Well, something to look forward to. If it turns out that the forecast lies I'll be quite distraught.

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