rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sit Up Straight!

So I'm well adjusted again, though it took some doing, and have four weeks before the next readjustment. By then we will be well into Hell season, which officially begins day after tomorrow, but the full force of which will not arrive until Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Chiropractic adjustments always get a bit more difficult for me when it gets really hot. I think it's partly due to the shocking difference between the outside air and the chiropractor's air conditioned office, but it's mostly that my back gets more out of whack when it's too hot to sleep comfortably.

At least I hope that the heat this week will be summer's full force, because Saturday and Sunday are to be 99 degrees, and Saturday night will have a low of 72, which is nightmarish. Most likely it will get worse, but I don't want to think about that. Even this weekend probably means air conditioning, at least for awhile, since the house will be holding on to the day's heat all night, and if I want it to be a mere 72 indoors it will require a mechanical assist.

For now I have no intention of dwelling on what July and August might have in store. Tonight is going to be moderately cool, though not cool enough to require a hoodie when I go out to check on the feral cats and listen to the crickets, and I intend to enjoy it while it lasts. The next two night should be about the same, but after that, watch out. But I wasn't going to think about that, right?

Cricket and jasmine time.

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