rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Changing Views

I just squandered a couple of hours doing a Google street view tour of the Crown Hill area west of downtown Los Angeles, starting at the Mary Andrews Clark Home on Loma Drive and fetching up at Tommy's hamburger stand at Beverly and Rampart. It looks much the same as when i first saw it fifty-some years ago (I forgot how to embed an image from teh Internets in a journal entry, and the FAQs are no help anymore):

And tonight is trash night, so I really ought to be getting those wheelie bins out. I'm a bit muddled today from having been wakened pretty early by a crew removing two large pines from the yard two door supt he block. They had one of those enormous crane-like devices, and the chain saws were going quite a while. They didn't finish up until after noon. They haven't ground the stumps out yet, so I suppose someone will be there doing that sometime in the future.

One of the backyard feral cats remained in hiding all day, and the other took refuge in the shed in the back back yard, until even that became too stressful for him and he yowled at me when I went out, and ran up onto the back porch and tried to crawl through a hole in one of the cupboards that leads to the cupboard under the sink.

He used to be able to get through that hole, and when he was a kitten his mom kept him and his littermates in that cupboard, but he's long been much too big to squeeze through. So I opened the door to the under-sink cupboard, and he went in and stayed there well into the afternoon. I left the door only slightly ajar, so he wouldn't feel exposed. Poor kitty was terrified, but he appears to have recovered now, and the other cat finally showed up to eat, so it's pretty much all back to normal.

Except that two more pine trees are missing from the block. That's well over half the trees that were here when I first saw the place that are gone now. The trees were getting very brown due to the insect infestation that hits pines in times of drought, so they had to come down, unfortunately. There are a few more pines on the block that are also getting sick, so the kitties have more trauma ahead. It's only a matter of time.

But I must deal with those wheelie bins. I can't put them out in my sleep, and I'm just about to pass out from exhaustion. I wish I had a chili burger from Tommy's for dinner.

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