rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Burn

The smell of smoke arrived with afternoon. It turned out to be this. It's around sixteen miles or so south of here, and has only expanded up to about forty acres at last report. It got a bit breezy here this evening, but apparently not enough to expand the fire.

I can't smell the smoke tonight. The wind usually switches around to the north after nightfall this time of year, and there's not much of it, but I'll probably smell the fire again tomorrow morning. I hope it doesn't last all day. Tomorrow is likely to be the last cool day for a long time, and I'd hate to have it ruined by the reek of a brushfire.

Perhaps somewhat more disturbing, the forecast says there is a 50% chance of thunderstorms tonight. One fire at a time is enough, thanks. No lightning, please.

Also, my Internet is cutting out again. There are only brief opportunities to open pages or post things. This is one of them. I'd better take advantage of it.

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