rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The crickets in my yard have been pretty quiet for the last couple of nights. There was only one chirping, and him only intermittently, last time I was out. I'm thinking they might not like the fact that the lawn got mowed. In fact I suppose it's possible that some of them got chewed up by the lawn mower, which is a depressing thought.

The mowing of the lawn and of the mostly dried weeds in the back back yard is also probably why I've been sneezing so much for the last couple of days. Allergy season wasn't too bad up until now. This morning I sneezed so much that I feared putting my neck out of joint. That has happened before. My next appointment with the chiropractor isn't until early July, so this would be a very bad time to displace something.

Gnats remain numerous, and a couple have ended up smeared across my monitor as I try to shoo them away and accidentally hit them. They aren't very good at getting out of the way, unlike flies, who are almost impossible to smack. It's a good thing larger creatures aren't as fragile as gnats, or the world would be a terrible mess all the time.

It was hotter than I like today, but not hot to the point of misery, and it's already quite pleasantly cool this evening. The cooling trend should continue for the next few days, and Sunday is predicted to be merely balmy. I'm looking forward to that.

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