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Peak - Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Peak [Jun. 12th, 2018|09:40 pm]
The weather report says it got up to 99 degrees here today, and I believe it. Considering that I didn't get the windows closed until after ten o'clock this morning I guess I'm lucky the house only got up to 76 degrees. Of course the gnats who are flying around my monitor and desk lamp are undoubtedly delighted at the weather. They are thriving.

Something else thriving, oddly enough, are my oleander bushes. I have come to the conclusion that the brown leaves that covered them a couple of weeks ago were not dead, but merely dormant, although oleanders aren't supposed to do that. But many of the leaves that were brown and dry just a few days ago are now green.

Unfortunately my sister came over this afternoon and while I was not paying attention pruned off all the branches she could reach that were still covered in brown leaves, so there will be no more regeneration for them. The two tallest plants have still got many leaves on them, but the three smaller ones have been reduced nearly to nubs. I'm glad she is willing to do stuff in the yard, but her devotion to landscape tidiness sometimes has unfortunate consequences.

Anyway, I think it's cool enough for me to open my windows again, and there's a sandwich waiting to be assembled and devoured, so I'm going to go do those things now, after spending a few minutes in the cooling air listening to the crickets. After that television, until the house gets cool enough that I can actually get to sleep. Thank goodness it's supposed to be about seven degrees cooler tomorrow than it was today.