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They might get showers up around Mount Shasta tomorrow, but that's about a hundred miles north of here (I don't know exactly how far it actually is, and don't feel like looking it up on the Internets, but when I don't know exactly how far some place of a middling distance is I always say a hundred miles, as it is a nice round number.) Still, a stray cloud might deign to condense and release upon us a bit of its vaporous burden. One never knows. What one does know this time is that it's probably going to be quite a bit cooler here tomorrow than it was today, thanks to the partial cloudiness that is expected.

In fact I should probably be getting my windows closed now, to conserve the modest warmth I managed to capture today. It's going to get below sixty tonight, and probably won't go above seventy tomorrow. Right now the indoor and outdoor temperatures are in balance. Last night I forgot to close one of the windows in the back room, and woke up early this morning quite chilled. It's going to be colder tonight than last night.

There's a microwaveable frozen lasagna for dinner. I didn't actually eat dinner last night, having fallen asleep in front of the television. That's what sometimes happens when I have a large, late lunch. Today I had a small, late lunch, so I ought to be be able to stay awake long enough for the microwave to work its magic. But I'm still expecting to wake up to some unwashed dishes tomorrow.

Oh, the missing feral cat did turn up this morning. This evening when I was watering the yard I discovered his latest hiding place. It's large patch of dense ivy in one corner of the back back yard. As I squirted the hose at it from a distance he came rushing out and took refuge from the artificial rain in the garden shed. I don't think he was in the ivy for two days, but it's nice to know he still has a nearby hiding place.

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