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Nice [Jun. 7th, 2018|10:57 pm]
Each day has been turning out to be very much like the previous day. The afternoons are too warm in the sun, but quite pleasant in the shade, and the evenings just plain pleasant, though requiring long sleeves. Later nights are chilly. Last night I turned the furnace off, just in case it got cold enough to trigger it, and this morning it was indeed just at the point that it would have gone on, but the day soon turned mild enough to have the windows open to gradually warm the house again, without expenditure of money or spewing gas pollution. Win.

But I must remember to turn the furnace back to Auto tomorrow night, as it will be dropping into the mid-fifties outside, and Saturday night is still predicted to be in the high forties. That's definitely furnace weather for me. Two nights won't add too much to my power bill, and the fact that I'm not needing any air conditioning will offset that small bit anyway. It would so much worse if it were terribly hot already. I recall years when late May brought three-digit temperatures. Grabbing an extra blanket at night is so much easier than cowering in the house all day with the shades drawn because the sun wants to kill me.

I'm a bit worried about Shorty, one of the feral cats, who didn't show up for dinner last night or breakfast today, or dinner again tonight. He's gone missing for a day or two before, and then returned, but since he is neutered it's kind of distressing and I always worry about him. He's not a fighter, and I don't think he's much of a hunter. It's possible he got a lucky kill of a big rodent and just wasn't hungry, but it's a dangerous world out there for feral kitties.

There's been no smell of smoke in the air today, but there's a smell of overheated machinery in the air tonight. It's something I've smelled before, but I can't quite place it. It was somewhere in the industrial district of Los Angeles, long ago. I'm glad it's gotten cool enough that I can have the windows closed.