rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bite Me!

I bit my own finger a while ago. That's what happens when I let my blood sugar get too low. (Note to self: "Finger food" does not mean fingers are food. At least not for people. For raccoons, perhaps, but not for people.) But I suppose I should just be grateful I was only feeding myself. It would have been terribly embarrassing had someone else been feeding me and I bit their finger.

While on the subject of eating, I'm going to be eating last night's dinner tonight. The reason I didn't eat it last night is because when I went to fix it I found that the nephew had been rummaging around in my kitchen and had "borrowed" the pan I needed to cook it in. (This is quite an improvement. Usually he "borrows" the food itself.) So I microwaved a couple of frozen burritos instead. The pan is back tonight, so I can finally make last night's dinner.

The mild days are pleasant, but I don't think I captured quite enough heat today to keep the house warm enough all night. I'm thinking it's possible that the furnace will come on sometime before dawn. If it dies and I'm sleeping it will probably wake me up. Not from the noise, as it's pretty quiet, but from the smell. The furnace always skunks a bit when it comes on after having been off for several days. It's the dust that collects on it, I suppose. For some reason odd smells usually wake me up. It's not a bad reflex to have when you live in a fire-prone region, but I hate to waste it on a mere furnace.

The forecast high and low Saturday are inching up. The high is now predicted to be 71 instead of 69, and the low 48 instead of 47. By the time Saturday gets here it might turn out not to be much cooler than today was. But as long as it doesn't get really hot by then I won't complain. I'll save my complaining for next week, when it will be getting up into the 90s, with nocturnal lows in the high 60s. Here comes summer! Here comes Hell!

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